MBM is a Business School with the purpose of educating people who are constantly seeking to develop themselves as human beings and also to achieve their goals and boost their companies’ results. So far, MBM has trained over 3,200 business owners. The owner wanted to create a culture book as a thank you for the many students and also the partners and instructors that are part of the company. For that, he wanted to keep the uniformity and seriousness of the deep blue from the brand, but he also wanted it to feel personal and  intimate.

With that in mind, I developed a product that could still be visually part of the brand, as well as represent a more passionate side of it. With the handmade pattern that constitutes of all the main words that represents the value of the company, as well as hand writting all the big titles, the MBM Culture Book of 2019 has a unique and strong personalized touch to it.